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im still thinking about cutting my hair and with some layers (maybe bangs) but ive had a bad past with bangs so idk.i orderd a lot of things for chrismas even though most of them wont be coming in time haha. some of the things i got: L action figure, (not sure if its fr but ill have to see) denji figure, new rug, and im plannig to get a fake aquarium lamp and some haning wisteria to put in my room but other than that i dont really have amything else i want and i think thats def more than enough.

Music playing right now: "nothing"

about me

im over all a pretty cool person or at least i like to think i am. i like things like drawing, hanging out, a etc. i like picking up diffrent hobbies if it catches my eye. im shy when people first meet me but i am i whole diffrent person when i open up.

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